Jessica Ennis-Hill: Olympic champion on course for Rio 2016

The wait is over, the mission completed and the comeback has begun for Jessica Ennis-Hill.
The Olympic champion, in her first heptathlon since winning gold on that glorious Saturday evening in London nearly three years ago, finished fourth overall at the Hypo-Meeting in Gotzis, soaring above her initial points target with a 6520-points total.
“I’ve still got that competitive edge, I’ve still got that strength to dig deep,” she said, smiling.
But how good was her performance and might she deliver another sparkling performance at an Olympics?
How good is fourth place?

As Ennis-Hill kneeled on the start line, head bowed as she placed each foot on the blocks, she did not know what to expect. No-one did. When she looked up to stare at the line of 10 hurdles in front of her, she was about to run at full speed into the unknown.
The 29-year-old knew she would have no trouble completing the first of heptathlon’s disciplines, but could she hurdle, high jump, shot put and run 200m in the same day, then throw, jump and run some more 24 hours later?
“I think it’s hard to know what to expect,” she said on the Friday before competition, admitting to nerves and excitement.
But by Sunday afternoon, on a sun-soaked day in Austria, Ennis-Hill could say she was now ranked the fourth best heptathlete in the world, even though she had been absent from the sport for years, experienced the life-changing impact of motherhood and had her training disrupted by a troublesome Achilles.
“I’m really, really pleased,” she said. “Some of my events have been pretty poor, pretty standard. I feel there’s so much more to come. If someone had said I’d have had 6,520 beforehand I would have taken that with both hands. It’s a pleasing position to be in after all that time off.”

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