Max Verstappen: Providing the excitement Formula 1 needs?

A botched pit stop, attacking racing, inventive tactics and a dramatic crash.
Max Verstappen, the 17-year-old Toro Rosso rookie, may not be old enough to take his A-Levels yet, but he is certainly taking Formula 1 by storm.
Mercedes fluffing Lewis Hamilton’s chances of victory in the Monaco Grand Prix will dominate the headlines.
However, in a week when F1 has been debating new rules designed to make the sport more exciting, Verstappen certainly played his part in elevating Sunday’s race from a boring one to arguably the most dramatic of the season.
A stop to drive him nuts
“An epic pit stop. Greek novels have been shorter than this,” said BBC Radio 5 live F1 correspondent James Allen as Verstappen spent 31 seconds in the pit lane on lap 30.
It was not the start of the chaos on his Sunday as the teenager had already bumped into the back of Pastor Maldonado – a man known for collisions himself – prior to the Lotus driver’s retirement.
It would not be the first time we were excited by Verstappen’s eagerness and not even half a minute spent watching his scurrying pit crew struggle with a rear wheel nut dampened his spirit.
Like a Scalextric car, he set about sling-shotting his way through the field.
Did you know? Max Verstappen’s dad – former F1 driver Jos Verstappen – was involved in one of the most dramatic pit lane fires of all time when his Benetton ignited at Hockenheim in 1994.

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